International placement of harvest workers

Whom do we place?

AgriExperts Recruitment places specially trained harvest workers. We find these by providing professional training that focuses on state-of-the-art agricultural practice and leads to our Harvest Pro certification.

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Where do we place?

We place workers internationally with leading agricultural businesses, family businesses and contractors. Our map shows job vacancies and provides a detailed overview of where we place workers.

Why do we place?

The agricultural industry is currently undergoing extensive change, with modern technology often replacing many employees. However, the need for professionally qualified staff is increasing at the same time, especially in order to cope with peak workloads during the harvest period. Farming businesses all over the world therefore need professionally qualified harvest workers to be able to produce as efficiently as possible. There is high demand with a concurrent limited supply of specially trained harvest workers. This is why we act as a central provider of both placement and training services.

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Placement locations

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